For every toy purchased from our shop we will donate one to the orphanage or foster home we are working with that quarter. We know toys aren’t going to feed and clothe all the children and give them warm beds. What they can do is symbolize love. We can’t bring all of those children home, but just maybe we can bring each of them a small token of love until they are brought home.


 We are currently working with Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO). Each doll YOU donate will go to a child living in Hogar Miguel Leon in Cuenca, Ecuador. Your one purchase will have the ability to bring a smile to a child’s face halfway around the world. Every time you see your own little ones face light up from playing with an Aleks Handmade toy you will be reminded that somewhere, halfway across the world, another child is also smiling because of you.

Dolls for Smiles is my way of putting something better in the world. We may not be moving mountains or pushing through ceilings over here but we are creating smiles, and really that is all we ever wanted to do. Keep sharing smiles, they are contagious.
– Aleks Slocum, Founder & Designer